You and DC7 assume each new venture as a single entity. Together, we leverage money, resources and expertise to provide a greater return and less risk for all of us.


• Shared approach confirms the concept, mitigates risk, and pools resources

• Shared legal, accounting, and other professional resources reduce cost.

• Shared software, such as accounting, time tracking, taxes, etc reduces costs.

• Each project is an LLC which greatly limits investor's personal financial exposure.

• LLCs follow a well-designed template and legal agreement for start-ups that protects the idea and encourages collaboration and growth

• Takes advantage of our growing, proprietary framework and application pool called DC7 Commons. Provides access to exisitng components, source code, frameworks, licenses, servers, advertising and marketing agreements, and expert community.

• LLC is set up to scale quickly and is designed from the start to be attractive to Angels, VCs, and potential buyers.

• DC7 seeks out later round investors who know exactly what to expect from our process and agreements.