Current Projects

Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz, MD, and his team at The UCLA School of Medicine have developed a ground-breaking, 4-Step Method for treating Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and other Anxiety Disorders.  This methodology is also extremely effective for people without a disorder who have high anxiety, worry, or similar problems.   

Dr. Schwartz is a recognized world leader in the area of self-directed neuroplasticity.  The implications of his research on mind, body, and God are profound, and the practical application of his methodology has been shown to change the physical structure of your brain-- something considered impossible little more than decade ago.  Check out his new book: You Are Not Your Brain

DC7 is currently working with Dr. Schwartz and Life Coach Poorang Aurasteh to develop an iPhone Application / Web Solution to help bring the 4-Step Method to people around the world, and to help fund further research in this area.  We will be investigating the use of telemedicine as a cost-effective way to provide one-on-one help for people dealing with ocd and anxiety.  DC7 hopes to play a small part in bringing the practical application of this new research to people around the world. 

is currently working on a project to enable researchers in countries outside of the United States get academic papers published in American journals.  Researchers in China and other countries often struggle not only with English, but in the accepted methods and approach to presenting papers in popular U.S. journals.  

The goal for Expert Research Advice is to provide a technical solution for bringing researchers in countries all over the world together to collaborate on research and publishing.  

DCis currently in the discovery phase for two other projects that we have agreed to keep confidential for now.  The only thing we can say is that they are pretty cool.

Please check back soon for updates as we are receiving more and more requests for new projects.