Essay Contest


About 5-10 Min to read; 5-10 Min to write 


Contest Begins September 26th and ends October 14th. Prizes are not yet finalized, but currently look like this:

1st Place: $200

2nd Place: $100 

1st Place Extra Credit: $100
In addition, those who submit a valid entry may have the option of becoming an Advisor and/or paid consultant to start-up companies that are associated with us.

Final Information Coming Soon

*Details Not Finalized. Subject to terms, conditions and applicable laws, tax issues, probably even star alignment.  


We encourage honest feedback. If you think something sucks, a helpful response is: "this just sucks... you should try..." Our goal is to go from "suck to non-suck*" with the help of your feedback.

It has been noted that the web site is bad and the name DC7 is kind of stupid.

We'll fix that later. Just relax and focus on the content for now.

To qualify as a valid entry, your submission must contain a total number of 100-1800 words. So all of your responses added together should contain 100 or greater words and 1800 or fewer words. It does not have to be long to be a good answer. Rules

 We are looking for creative, insightful and helpful essays regarding the material preceding the essay.

*(reference Little Bets)