Innovation Ventures

In 2011, DC7 pioneered the concept of an Innovation Portfolio which is a hedged approach that an investor or company takes to limit the risks involved in undertaking innovative projects by spreading risk to multiple parties. This is sort of like keeping 10 stocks in your portfolio instead of just one.  An I.P. allows people and companies to undertake risky projects through a shared approach that mitigates risks for all parties involved.  

The rapid expansion of technology has complicated the commoditization cycle significantly in the past 8 years. There are a lot more technologies and they are a lot more complicated than they use to be. Businesses must constantly reinvent themselves to stay competitive. Innovation requires failure, however. You have to drill a lot of holes to find the ones that produce fish (or oil, depending on your analogy).  

Drilling holes costs money, but Innovation Is Key to your company's profitability in today's market. Well, we just happen to have a solution. Read on to find out how our Strategy For Innovation spreads risks among multiple entities and simplifies that process of trying new things.