At DC7we have no idea what we are doing ©    As you can imagine, we're pretty proud of that. We even trademarked it. We are a boutique business strategy with one guiding principal: we have no direction. We don't solve problems. We create them.

Unfortunately for us, this makes us virtually indistinguishable from other consulting companies except that we advertise it. So far, you agree. Our dilemma is that we're not the same. We are unique (just like everybody else, right?). So as much as we would enjoy prolonging your problem, that is not our specific area of expertise. We probably can't even exacerbate it because that would require intricate knowledge.

So what do we do? Great question. Let's start with what we don't.  

People in suits solve problems. We don't wear suits or solve problems*, but you can order people in suits, mostly men, from IBM. They will overnight you a bunch of suits in assorted gray colors, size L and up.  I guess you could do whatever you want with them, but they prefer to eat pastries with you in a meeting room while they call someone else at IBM about your problem or need.  If you persist long enough, IBM will eventually give in and ship a button-up shirt that knows how to solve your problem. It will be grumpy and disheveled when it gets there.

Since we have no direction, we don't specialize in a particular technology (Java, .NET, Ruby on Rails, mobile) and then sell you a custom-built solution to whatever problem that you present to us. We don't provide seminars on social media or cutting-edge technologies or anything like that either.

What we do is listen. We seek out companies that are positioned in certain markets where opportunities have arisen for technological innovations. And we listen to them. This does include a lot of companies, but we work with only a few. Our focus is pretty narrow (see focus).  When an opportunity falls into our focus, we listen very closely to companies and their customers and we collaborate with experts and SMEs.  

Not always, but sometimes, a creative discovery process ensues that leads to very profitable business concepts that no one of us might have thought possible.