Notice to Business

Dear Business, 

Marketing has changed.

One-Way Communication

1732   First Magazines
1836   Newspaper ads begin
1864   Spam messages sent via telegraph
1867   First Billboard
1922   Radio ads emerge
1950   Telemarketers first start to annoy people
1978   Al Gore "invents" The Internet
1982   Spam sent via computer
1996   Viral marketing

Two-Way Communication

2002     Integrated Marketing: Customer communicates back

    n-Way Communication

Today    Chaos Marketing: Everyone communicates with anyone.  Companies try anything and everything. 

    Have you? 



Consumers drive marketing directly now. There is no going back. When your great, great, great grand kid teleports himself to Harvard Business School class (5 minutes late, again), he will watch The Kool-Aid Man bust through the wall and have to be taught that we, ancient people, had to just sit there quietly and watch-- we couldn't talk back to Kool-Aid Man.

What does this mean for your business? Think consumer, not product; convenience, not location; communication, not promotion. The focus has turned away from blasting your branded message to the masses to interacting with consumers.

Thus, These No Longer Provide Strategic Value For Your Company

Nowadays, without a consumer-adaptive strategy in place, the items above are nothing more than a cost of doing business. They provide no strategic value for your company at all because 1) your competitors have inexpensive access to the same solutions now, and 2) the Internet has created Information Inflation-- too much information chasing too few consumers. The consumer is overwhelmed and disengaged.