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Pricing Information

Strategic Marketing Analysis

All of our strategic analysts have 15 or more years experience in a wide array of businesses.  We consult them on specific projects that are relevant to their experience.  They include marketing experts, entrepreneurs, professors, commercial real estate developers, engineers, MDs, corporate executives, previous fund managers as well as Wharton, Columbia, Georgetown, and Harvard graduates.  

  • Includes ROI  
  • P&L analysis
  • strategic direction
  • methodologies, metrics, and approaches  

Software Design & Development

All of our software developers have 10-25 or more years as senior developers and lead architects at large US corporations.

  • Sophisticated metrics
  • demographics analysis
  • marketing list scrubbing and collection
  • target audience list honing

Project Management

We outsource or purchase many components of our projects, such as print, artwork, advertising, internet ads, web site design, mail room, neuromarketing products and others.  These are always provided at our cost which is very low due to other bulk purchase agreements we have.  Negotiating low prices is core to our business  and is an important part of the value-add we provide to our customers.

General Analysis & Pricing