Web Marketing Pricing

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Features & Functionality

Estimated Costs

Web Site Basic 2-5 page web site with a template that allows for growth and expansion  Limited written content.  Images and content must be provided.$558
Advanced Web Site with Image ContentBased on your marketing preferences, we acquire (5) professional quality photographs & images to go with your theme.  Limited written content.  Users, credit card processing, areas restricted to users, etc can be added.  Layout and some basic content provided. $727
Expert Web Site with Image Content, Mobile, Web Analytics & SEOAll from above + allows your site to be converted and formatted to show well on mobile devices and we use 3rd Party software to manage your SEO.$849
Domain Name AcquisitionYou choose an available domain name and we purchase it to point to our server.  You hold the rights to the domain.$32/per available site name
Domain Name / BrandingSelect a domain name based on customer feedback, SEO and appraisal valuation$87/hr (est $100-300)
Web & Email Hosting (Email setup extra)Hosted cost per domain name with DC7$15/month paid quarterly in advance
Form Processing DesignWe design and maintain web forms and the data that is entered into them.  You receive an email when someone completes the form.  Credit card processing and many other features can be added, but are extra.$147 per 3 forms
Form Processing HostingMany features can be added here.  Email blasts, credit card processing and more.$9/mo
Transfer existing domainRequires client to direct domain.  And us to acknowledge domain name.  Easier if we acquire.$131
Email AccountsEmail accounts @yourdomain.com.  Email web client and forwarding to another email address provided.$44 setup per 10 users
Search Engine OptimizationWe submit an xml map of your site to search engines and tailor each page to attract the demographics you are targetting.$247 setup + $23 per web page
Web AnalyticsProvide demographic reports & information about site traffic and web site use.$162 setup + $50/hr custom
Internet AdvertisingBased on your demographics and preferences.$85/hr + hard costs