What We Mean By Strategic Advantage

By strategic advantage, we are talking specifically about the part of your executive strategy that is tied to marketing and is different than cost-of-doing-business marketing.  CODB marketing is what all of your competitors implement or are trying to.  The methodology with CODB is blast your message through social media, direct mail, web sites, phone, TV and radio ads, google ads and similar tactics, and perhaps to try to push up conversion rates, if you can meaningfully track them.

These are all a part of any project we may implement.  But your company can only gain a competitive advantage through marketing if your executive strategy is in tune with where your business falls along the commoditization cycle.  This is true for staid old apartment buildings, local retail and car dealerships as well as high-tech software and biotech companies.  

If you are interested in learning more, our pricing summary sheet describes the packages and services we offer.